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Academic Facilities

The KHAS campus boasts the following academic facilities:


In order to encourage a love for learning, we ensure that our students have ready access to a wide range of literature that caters to a variety of interests. Our teachers encourage students to read regularly to develop their language skills as well as their creative and critical thinking. Our library has been designed as an attractive and comfortable space to promote a dynamic reading culture amongst KHAS’s  student body.


We know that it is important for our students to be digitally savvy, and our modern, well-equipped ICT laboratory ensures that they have access to practical experience with various hardware and software. With high-speed internet, the ICT lab also gives our young students an early foundation for developing their research skills and expanding their academic horizons beyond traditional learning methods.

Science Lab

In the Science Lab, our students interact with scientific concepts in a hands-on manner. Practical experiments teach them the diligence and accuracy they will need to excel in science-focused subjects, like biology, chemistry, and physics.

Art Room

Our students’ creativity is nurtured in our Art Room, where trained instructors assist them with developing their mind-to-hand connection through various artistic skills, such as drawing, sketching, painting, and clay modelling, among others.