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Fee structure

The fee structure at KHAS for the academic year 2023-2024 is given below:


Important Points to Note

  • Fee payments must be made in cash or by cheque. We do not accept any type of credit card unless the full year’s fees are paid in one lump sum.
  • Payment for books, uniforms, transportation, medical fees, and the canteen should be paid with the first installment of tuition.
  • The first installment should be paid by cash or current dated cheque. Post-dated cheques must be submitted for the second and third terms, dated 1st December and 1st March, respectively.

***Medical Fees are included as part of the tuition fees.

Policy for Fee Collection

  • The first term fees (including books, medical, transportation, canteen deposit, assessment fees, etc. (as applicable) must be paid by cash or current dated cheque.
  • The second and third term fees must be paid by cash or post-dated cheques, which must be submitted with the first term fee payment.
  • Card payments are accepted provided the full year fees is paid upfront in one go.
  • If any family has more than one child studying in the school, card payment will be accepted on a student basis; however, the full year dues for the selected student needs to be paid upfront in one go.