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Our Management

Khalifah Al Hamzah American School (KHAS) is managed by Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (Beam), a holistic education entity with longstanding experience in developing successful educational institutions and implementing advanced educational training and management systems in the UAE. Beam together with the experienced Principal of KHAS, provide day-to-day leadership and guidance at the school.

Through our years of experience, we have demonstrated that this system of management yields many positive outcomes, including a high level of student performance, effective resource use, higher staff and teacher satisfaction, and ease of hiring and training.


Our staff are qualified and experienced education professionals who have demonstrated records of success in school leadership. They are individuals who are passionate about providing an exceptional and modern educational experience for all students.

Due to our commitment to upgrading our educational standards, our teachers receive regular training as part of the school’s continuing Professional Development program. In this manner, our students benefit from the latest pedagogical advancements and can always expect a modern educational experience.